The Godfather: Linux and Gaming in the 21st Century

sudo apt-get install — It can only take us so far. Linux is becoming increasingly more popular, with Ubuntu on the rise and Android populating most smartphones. However, Windows is still the dominating Operating System (OS) among your average American, which means that Linux isn’t exactly the go-to OS for gamers… but why not? Not […]

Five Things the Industry Needs to Stop Doing in 2014

Let’s be honest, there are some trends in modern video gaming that are just downright awful. Certain companies—let’s not name names, but you know which ones I’m talking about—have got into the habit of selling unfinished, and sometimes nearly unplayable, games. These days, it seems like Day-One patches are almost a guarantee; and, spurred on […]

Steam’s Growing Library of Shovelware Is Getting Old

While Steam’s store is known for offering many fantastic games, there are also games of unbelievably poor quality that go beyond the subjective bounds of personal taste and display a definitive lack of effort. Allowing these practically unfinished titles to be published on the platform creates a library of shovelware which lowers the reputation of […]


Beyond: The Dynamics of Codependency

Beyond: Two Souls was one of my absolute favorite games released in 2013. I realize that I am basically alone in this, as many people have written it off as a poor excuse for an interactive film. Maybe it is the film critic in me that ultimately shines through here, but there is so much […]

Cat and a Yarn Ball: The Psychology Behind Candy Crush

Most popularized by Bejeweled in 2001, Match-3 games have become ubiquitous, and there are countless variations of the app spread across all sorts of platforms. Whether you’re matching jewels, animals, candies, toys, skulls, berries, or bobbles, the general premise is the same: match at least three in a row and magic happens. However, one particular […]

Working Designs: What Worked And What Didn’t

One of my many great qualities (i.e. traits that make other people upset) is having a Type A personality. This means that my patience has a tendency to run thin in a matter of minutes. Traffic jams make me die a little inside, especially when I just want to get home and take care of […]


Jazzpunk Review

There are few ways to adequately describe Necrophone Games’ latest title, Jazzpunk. Words like “crazy” or “insane” immediately come to mind, but ultimately it’s just one of those games you have to play yourself, in order to comprehend the hilarious madness. You play as Polyblank, a secret agent tasked with carrying out various missions for […]

A Lesson in Game Worlds

So there I was, watching a speedrun of Dark Souls on Twitch. It was about 50 minutes into the timer (and halfway through the game’s bosses) and the player had just killed Kalameet, a feat that requires completion of Anor Londo before being able to even enter the DLC content. Speedruns are a thing of […]

Pick a Card, Any Card: Remembering Kartia

Who doesn’t love a good strategy-RPG? Well, don’t answer that. Many folks who enjoy spending their spare moments with a video game in front of them lack the hours, energy and willpower to trudge through the technically abundant and time demanding subgenre of the role-playing game. However, there is a surprisingly robust group of people […]

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