Tow Truck Drivers

The Drivers You Love To Hate

Why is it that when I drive through my neighborhood on the way home all my neighbors, well not all my neighbors, but most of them snicker at the site of my tow truck. I know one reason why – it’s because my neighborhood is heavily preyed on by parking enforcement and private party impounds. Heck, even my own pick up truck has been lifted, lucky for me I was able to run out and catch the guy from Western Towing, I got off easy – a $60 drop fee and I moved my truck back into the garage (which I was sweeping). Now everybody hates corruption and you gotta wonder about who’s hands are getting greased on the HOA board to let some of these tow companies into our neighborhoods. I’ve got no beef with a legit tow outfit running a legit PPI parking enforcement but some of these towing services are going way overboard.

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If someone parks where they aren’t supposed to and they run out and catch a tow truck driver hooking up their car the first reaction is to yell, curse and scream at the guy. Now are some tow truck drivers douche bags? Yes, but so are some doctors and some lawyers, there are douche bag teachers, cops, you name it, you don’t have to be a tow truck driver to be a jerk. Most impound drivers are good people just doing their jobs. Most impound drivers also run roadside assistance and help unlock babies out of cars. They jump start old lady’s cars in Walmart parking lots and help pregnant women with flat tires. So what if the guy has a tattoo on his neck! Ok that’s bit much, maybe they shouldn’t allow guys with tattoos on their necks to creep around our neighborhoods at night while we are all sleeping. But hey tow truck drivers are people too.

For legitimate towing and roadside services we look at a company that is a beacon for what a tow company should be – the San Diego Tow Network out of San Diego, California. They offer every thing that a local toeing service can offer: lock out, jump start, flat tire services, and tow truck and towing service as well. If you are looking for towing San Diego reviews then look them up. You can also count on them for the fastest auto locksmith San Diego has available especially when there is the old baby locked in the car trick. We love the fact that there Chula Vista Towing office is one of the finest and offers great wrecker services as well as fast road service to all of Chula Vista, California.

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